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          What number are you calling, please? 请问您要打几号?


          G: Operator. I’ve tried calling a number in Beijing but I can’t understand what they’re saying. Could you place the call for me?

          Certainly, sir. I’d be glad to help you. What number are you calling, please?

          G: 6433-8251.

          Is this a company number or a private number?

          G: A company one.

          May I have the name of the company, please?

          G: Yes, it’s the Her-han Engineering Company.

          Who would you like to speak to, please?

          G: Mr. Wang of the Sales Department.

          Do you know his extension number or his name?

          G: Not the extension number but I thingk his name is Ming-uei.

          May I have your name and room number, please?

          G: Yes, my name is Robbins and I’m in Room #724.

          Thank you. Could you hang up, please, and I’ll call you back?



          Is this a paid call? 这是已付费电话吗?

          It’s collect. 这是接听人付费的电话。


          I This is Bombay calling. I have a call for Mr. Tom Smith.

          Bombay for Mr. Tom Smith. Do you know his room number, please?

          I Yes, it’s #3820.

          Thank you. Is this a paid call?

          I IT’S collect.

          May I know who is calling, please?

          I Yes. Pradip Patel.

          How do you spell that, please?

          I Pakistan P, America A, Tokyo T, England E, London L.

          Mr. Pradip Patel. Thank you. Just a moment, please.

          (calls Room #3820)

          May I speak to Mr. Tom Smith, please?

          G: Speaking. What can I do for you?

          This is the Hotel Operator. I have a collect call from Mr. Pradip Patel in Bombay. Will you accept the charges?

          G: Yes, of course.

          Thank you. Could you hold the line, please?

          (Speaks to the international Operator)

          Hello. Mr. Smith will accept the call. Could you give me your operator number, please?

          I Yes, it’s 23.

          Thank you. My number is 54. Could you give me the time and the charges after the call, please?

          I Yes, of course.

          Thank you. Go ahead, please.



          I’d like to make an international call?


          A person-to person or a station call, sir?



          G: Hello. Operator?

          Speaking. May I help you?

          G: Yes. I’d like to make an international call.

          Certainly, sir. Which country are you calling?

          G: Switzerland.

          Is this a paid call?

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